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Nov. 3rd, 2009


Goldilocks the Were-Bear-Hunter

Well, though a little late, I've finally gotten my hands on some pics of my outfit for Halloween 09! :D

Work gave our team the Fairy Tale theme of "Goldilocks", and I was a little disappointed :S

So, I decided to give it a bit of a twist, and have Goldilocks be a Were-bear-hunter, and dressed in very Gothic-Victorian style ^^

So, without further ado, here she is!Collapse )

Oct. 25th, 2009

The Last Unicorn

This is Halloween!

I am having ridiculous amounts of fun with my halloween costume this year! ^^

I've barely begun, but I've got most of it (just from clothes I already own), and the necessary pieces to make the rest of it was bought today, hurrah! :D

Now I'm busily decapitating bears for the most important accessory (besides the wig, which should turn up in the next 1-3 days *crosses fingers*)!

I shall post pics of my Goldilocks the Were-bear-hunter (she's the were, the bears are just bears... talking ones who live in houses, but that's normal for fairy-tale bears, right?) once it's all done.

I haven't had this much fun working on a costume in AGES! *dances*

May. 19th, 2009

Black Parasol

Parasol! Aka: Pics I promised staralfar :)

So, it was my birthday recently, and as a present to myself I bought a shiny new parasol - Wheeeeeeee! :D

I've finally gotten around to getting some pics taken of it (thanks to luna_chyld! :D), so here they are, for your viewing pleasure! ^_^

Hurrah! *luffs her parasol*

It is also keeping me reasonably dry (much more reasonably than my other umbrellas, in fact XD) in this lovely rain we're having! :D

Apr. 14th, 2009

Pretty Misha

Canberra Canberra Canberra!

And all the people in it... I's MISSED YOU!!!

Not that you'd know it from my complete lack of visiting you and all... >.>

BUT I've finally gotten my act together and will be coming to visit very very soon!

As in, end of this month soon! 20something, to be not-quite-exact (still have to book plane tickets, doing that today! :D).

So, pretty please let me know if there are things happening around the end of April that I need to be at! Or if you won't be there so I should re-arrange times, or cry, or something. :D

Also, what nights are you free? Must organise many catch-ups! :D

*luffs you all*

Feb. 19th, 2009



I don't have a happy enough icon for this... I need one of those... :D

Lunachyld and I are going to be living in Red Hill, on the edge of Paddington!

In a cute little cottage with a lovely big forest-y backyard!!!

It's going to be BRILLIANT!!! :D

And we're moving in this weekend!

No homeless Misha and Luna, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Feb. 15th, 2009

Southpark Narwhal

Packing, stressing, fun, fun , fun... :P

So I am still stressing over not having a home after this coming weekend (21st is our final move-out date) -_-

But I may have some temporary accomodation lined up - so YAY! for that! (Thanks SageWisdom ^_^)

Yesterday was spent househunting, saw 3 places, applied for two... REALLY hope we get one of them, either would be fine as I LOVED them... :D

Also, the real estate (same place for both) was REALLY friendly and helpful... something I haven't encountered in a Real Estate before! Their staff where very approachable and nice, with one of them actually offering us a lift to the next inspection as we had to catch a cab to get there in time! (We didn't take him up on this, as unfortunately he was talking about a different inspection to us - another agent was doing the one we wanted to go to... ahh well!).

Today was spent alternately packing and freaking out/fending off anxiety attacks. -_-

My back gets all hot and tight feeling, and nothing I do will cool it down, when I'm anxious :S

Still, the packing has gone well so far, and I'm feeling rather accomplished, which is helping with the anxiety! XD

I think I got about 1/3 of it done, maybe a little more, (close to 1/2), so that's really good... I should be able to do a bit each night after work this week and have all of it done to move on Saturday! :D

Now to organise all the other little bits and pieces that moving necessitates... -_-

Feb. 8th, 2009

The Last Unicorn

Follow the music...

... you never know where it might lead you :)

In this case, the where included a who... XD

So, I am having serious doubts about this whole 'working full time' thing. I am finding that I do, indeed, feel less magic and wonder in my life, and feel that my true goals are being drowned under the 9-5 grind.

I do my best not to let this happen, though I know it's impossible not to lose SOMETHING, I can at least lessen the effect and make sure I don't lose myself in it, or lose sight of my end-goals.

My end goal being, of course, going back and studying more with an eye towards being an academic... :D

However, working full time this year and putting a whole heap into savings will SERIOUSLY help towards said goal... So, I think I shall try to hold out for another year.

In light of that though, I have decided to put extra effort into the magical and soulful side of my life, to keep myself balanced.

So, this weekend, after doing the necessary house-hunting and handing in of applications, I wandered into West End, as I just like the place, and thought I'd grab a bite to eat there and just read and soak up the vibes.

As I was leaving my lovely lunch, I heard this wonderful trumpet playing drifting across the road, and all I could think was "I need to be where that music is!"

I almost left. I almost smiled, sighed, walked down the road, and got on a bus. I am so very, very glad that I didn't!

Because - why would I? Why did I even HAVE that thought? I had no other plans for the afternoon, yet still, I almost walked away from it.

Luckily, I mentally shook myself and went - or you could go and FIND the music! Idiot! :P

So, I followed it, across the road and up the street, and into a cute, friendly little bar, that reminded me of an open-plan Phoenix (for you Canberra people who know what I'm talking about :D), and I leant on the window sill to watch the 2-person band play... and the girl playing that wonderful trumpet looked up and smiled and waved happily at me... XD

It took me about 5 minutes of being surprised but flattered that this cute girl seemed to be very happy I was watching her play before suddenly my brain went *click!* SHARNI!!!!

It was an old friend from Mur'bah! We'd done Speech and Drama together (along with her older sister Kathleen who I was good friends with too!), but lost touch when I went to Canberra and she tripped off around the world!

She's been back for a year now, and just quit her job as she realised it was stopping her doing her 'fun stuff', as she puts it :)

So, I spent the afternoon watching her and her friend Mark play wonderful music, in a lovely bar with friendly, helpful, welcoming staff (and patrons, too!), and generally just feeling very loved and loving towards the universe! :D

It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. And, after the gig, I got to chat with Sharni and catch up while a lovely girl with white dreads played great slide guitar numbers :)

I went again today ^_^ She was playing with another band, who do an acoustic/electronic mix, with a tabla player as percussion, they had a really great, interesting sound - and ANOTHER fantastic afternoon was had, listening to music, chatting to Sharni, and then heading back to her place to see her lovely ramshackle West End home.

Then, she suggested a walk along the cliffs round Southbank/Kangaroo point :)

So we went on a ramble, all the way up to the Jazz club, which is further than I've ever explored up there!

It was beautiful, and a perfect temperature by that time of evening, and I really, REALLY, want to spend more time there! ^_^

Sharni found one spot and just went - ooooh, I would LOVE to get a group together and Jam here! :D
To which I could only answer - yes, yes yes!

It has been a very wonderful and magical weekend, and I feel very full of goodness and wonder, and inspired, and generally inoculated against the banality of my work week! XD

So here's hoping it lasts me past Monday... ^_^

Jan. 23rd, 2009

:O (aka The Scream)


So. The AirCon at work is broken. As it was YESTERDAY, too.

And, we are in a building with NO fans, no real ventilation, and no windows that open.


Seriously. People are going home sick as it is so disgustingly hot and still they are getting blurry vision and nausea.

I'M nauseous, but I can still function - kind of.

Others have been sent home as they SHOULDN'T be here considering how ill it is making them.

Seriously, NOT OK.

They fixed it yesterday too. half an hour before everyone went home, it came back on. And this morning? Broken again. EPIC FAIL.


Oct. 21st, 2008

The Last Unicorn

Meme! Stolen from Green Queen :)

Find the closest book.

* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST

Okay, closest was under a pile of clothes, and underneath IT was the Brisbane Refer-dex, I'm guessing that's not the sort of book they where after though... :P

The Language of the Night - Ursula K Le Guin

"The book is still the most imperfect of the three, but it is the one I like the best."

Aug. 5th, 2008

Sexy Pirate

PIRATE NIGHT THE...V? IV? I can't remember...

It's that time again!

Been too long since I was out looting and plundering, pillagin' and wenchin'!

So don your corsets, cutlasses, sashes, bandanas, and puffy shirts, and join us for


At the Rumpus Room, Boundary St, Westend.

From 8:30pm :)

Friday 15th August 2008.

It'll be awesome!

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